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Species Information: Zombies Empty Species Information: Zombies

Post  Nbird13 on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:27 pm

Zombies are beings that have been infected with the strange virus that has pledged the land. All zombies have rotting flesh and body parts and seem to not mind if a limb suddenly falls off of them. Natural healing also seems to be impossible for them, so reattaching said limbs often times results in failure without duct tape. The Average Zombie seems to have little to no intellect often unable to pass though the most simple of obstacles. The Average Zombie’s vocabulary often includes only of moans, grunts, screeches, and screams. Zombies also seem to have trouble with balance and coordination. They can walk but running and jumping often results in falling down. The Average Zombie seems to be attracted to sound and light as this is often a sign of prey. They have heightened sense of hearing and smell and eyesight but the last one is only when they are looking at prey. Though they do not need to eat they have a hunger for any living flesh. Sexual organs in a zombie are stagnate and cannot reproduce sexually. Zombies only die when they have suffered enough damage to their brains. Zombie animals are not as common as humans because of brain size.

Since the virus is always mutating however, all the above could be subject to change when introduce to a new host. This often results in a “super” or “leader” zombie though such zombies are rare. (Most Zombie based characters will probably be these “super” zombies). Super Zombies will still have rotting features but are allowed to heal after consuming enough biomass. Super Zombies are allowed to have more intellect then their less fortunate brethren and are allowed able to lead and direct through obsticals. Super Zombies are able to say a few phases but are unable to talk fully. Some Super Zombies may have bits of memory of their former lives. Super Zombies have better balance and can run better then their fellow comrades. Super Zombies will still have the hunger for living flesh but have the power to not act upon it. They will still not be able to reproduce. Some Super Zombies have been seen to fight one other for unknown causes but this is extremely rare.


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