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Backround Story

Post  ravenshadow54 on Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:38 pm

For centuries, the world of Kraemandia has been at war with itself. Three different races all  wanted control over the land- the Vampires, the Mages, and the Werewolves.
  After perhaps the bloodiest battle anyone had seen, an agreement was made- the first of its kind, and the only to ever exist.
  The races would share the land, each getting a different part of it to call their home.
   And so time went on, tensions still high.
   The vampires built a kingdom, known as Vernas, the only kingdom in all of Kraemandia at the time. It was built mainly for Vampires, but was open to Humans and Mages as well- on one condition.
  That, if needed, they would become blood donors for  a vampire. In exchange, they could live in the Kingdom and receive it’s protection. This later became known as 'the blood pact'.
  To some, it was a fair deal, and to others, it meant they wouldn’t live in the Kingdom.

 The only race it did not effect was the Werewolves- for some strange reason, the blood of the Werewolves did not satisfy the Vampires like did the blood of the Humans or Mages.
 So, they were allowed to come and go as the pleased, without any complications. This, on numerous occasions, has sparked a few disagreements with some of the Humans and Mages who see it as unfair.

  Eventually, the Mages also built a Kingdom- though, overall, a little bit smaller than Vernas. It was named Magicales Regnum, meaning 'Magical Kingdom', more commonly referred to as 'Icales'. Icales doesn't mean anything by itself, as it is a mere nickname used to shorten it's original title.

  Perhaps the most famous feature of Icales (pronounced I-SAY-UHLS) is the massive academy built for the young mages studying magic, Schola. The building itself is a fortress, protected by many different enchantments and spells to ensure the safety of the young students. It even has room for dragons.

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