Werewolves in Kraemandia

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Werewolves in Kraemandia

Post  ravenshadow54 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:36 pm

Throughout time, the political power of the Werewolves has seemingly declined- they no longer hold a large kingdom or city.

That, however, does not make them any less of an influence on life in Kraemandia.

Werewolves, unlike the other races, have become rather divided over time. They no longer live in one large group- they have split up into many different clans and tribes, population ranging anywhere from 20 to 1000.

Physical Appearance
-Werewolves, on average, are a foot or more taller than a regular human- when they reach adult age, they are usually six feet or taller. This is not always the case however.
-Eye colors are usually different shades of green, blue and violet. A less common but still present eye color is violet.
-Werewolves, unless put through starvation, will have a muscular body structure- this goes for the women too. There aren’t any ‘skinny’ girls- the lifestyle werewolves have requires strength, and curves.
-When in wolf form, the werewolves’ fur color will be about the same color as their in their human form. The age of the wolf also depends on how old they are (children in wolf form will be pups, etc.)

Concerning Lifespans and Other Traits
-An average lifespan of a werewolf is 2000-5000 years. Some live longer, and some take potions/other magical items to live longer.
-Werewolves are not forced into their wolf form on a full moon. They do, however, feel much more compelled to.
-Werewolves age at the same rate as a human until they reach age 15. Then, they age very slowly.
-You cannot become a Werewolf if bitten: like Vampires, the Werewolf gene can only be transmitted by genetics.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me Smile


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