Vampires in Kraemandia

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Vampires in Kraemandia

Post  ravenshadow54 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:52 am

Vampires are one of the three ‘main’ races of Kraemandia. They are known for building the kingdom of Vernas, and for their famous ‘Blood Pact’ with the humans.
In general, Vampires have a humanoid appearance, and can, from a distance, be mistaken for one in the right light.
All Vampires share a very pale shade of skin (except for African Vampires, which have darker skin), though it varies from person to person a little.
The lifespan of a Vampire in general is very long- they do eventually die, but the time they spend living is very extensive.

Physical Appearance:
-Most have pale skin
-They have two moderate-length fangs (where the canines would be on a human, but longer and much stronger).
-They all have red eyes, though the shade varies.
-Mature Vampires are usually 3-7 inches taller than an adult human male.

Concerning Lifespans and other traits
-An average lifespan of a Vampire is about 7,000 to 9,000 years
-They grow /age at the same rate as a human until they reach age 12
-They are, on average, a lot physically stronger than humans
-You cannot become a vampire if bitten: The Vamprie gene is through genetics only.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the vampires, please do not hesitate to PM me Smile


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