Humans in Kraemandia

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Humans in Kraemandia

Post  ravenshadow54 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:21 pm

Humans, in Kraemandia, have generally had a lesser role in the way societies and kingdoms have formed, which is mostly due to their lack of strength and powers, especially when compared to the other races of Kraemandia.
In general, humans tend to have few to none conflicts with other races, both out of mostly being peaceful and the fact that they could easily be annihilated by any of the other races.
Most Humans in Kraemandia live within Vernas, the Vampire kingdom. This is because of the blood pact- in exchange for becoming blood donors, they receive the kingdom’s protection. But, there are still a few that choose to live in other areas such as Icales. There are a few travelers, but not many.


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